Dr Alex Zarifis research and teaching are on the practical applications of technology in business. He has worked at several universities including the University of Cambridge, University of Manchester and the University of Mannheim. He is currently a research affiliate of the Cambridge Center for Alternative Finance (CCAF). Dr Alex has worked on large EU and UK funded research projects at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) and Loughborough University. He also participated in creating the first, government recognised, university degree on blockchain technologies in the world. He obtained his PhD from the University of Manchester.

His research interests include trust, electronic business, artificial intelligence, blockchain, Insurtech and Fintech. He has over thirty publications and his work has featured in journals such as Computers in Human Behaviour, Information Technology and People, Electronic Commerce Research, International Journal of Electronic Business and Internet Research.

Dr Alex has published extensively on trust in electronic commerce. His research has explored the role of trust in various aspects of electronic business including (1) trust in AI, (2) the level of trust needed for different business models in the sharing economy, (3) the impact of ransomware attacks on trust, (4) how trust develops in online collaboration and online collaborative learning, (5) how to build trust in multichannel retail, (6) the challenges to trust in e-health, (7) the influence of trust in the adoption of virtual worlds and (8) trust in blockchains.

Dr Alex Zarifis at the University of Cambridge, UK